Melinda Refused Bill Gates When He First Asked Her Out

By   /   Mar 10, 2015

Who could ever say no to the co-founder and CEO of Microsoft? Well Melinda did. In a recent video released on Makers profile, Melinda explained as to why she refused to go out on a date with Bill Gates.

Melinda did not find Bill to be impulsive enough for her. Melinda quotes Bill, “You know, I was thinking maybe we could go out two weeks from [tonight],”and as a response to his ‘not so spontaneous question’ she replied. “I have no idea what I’m doing two weeks from tonight. You aren’t spontaneous enough for me.”

Melinda Gates was hired as a Product Manager and few months later she was asked out by the man himself. Bill wasn’t just ready to give up so he called her up again asking, “Is this spontaneous enough for you?” She was impressed off course and agreed to go on a date with him.

Melinda and Bill gates dated for seven long years before saying the vows in January 1994. The couple talked about money quite often.

“Late in the dating stages, we talked about the wealth. It was our first trip to Africa. At the end of that trip, on a beach walk, we said, ‘Absolutely, the vast majority of these resources will go back to society.’ We just committed to it. It was just a natural, easy decision for us.”

The couple later founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; they are said to be the most generous couple. Melinda maintained a low profile to raise her daughters as she wanted to make sure that she was a role model for her children and could teach them to grow as a human being.

“I kept thinking if I’m telling my girls at home, especially my oldest daughter, that she should step out as a woman and use her voice in the world, I thought am I role modeling that for her?”


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