GTA V Online Heist Update Now Available for All Platforms

By   /   Mar 10, 2015

After a long time spent in anticipation,  we are finally getting online heists in GTA V. Rockstar released the Heists update for GTA Online earlier and players can download the update on their PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

It took almost two years for online heists to arrive as they were promised ever since the game first hit the market. According to reports, the PlayStation 4 version of the update is 4.2GB in size. On the other hand,  Xbox One users are required to download 4.8GB of data.

Last-gen consoles aren’t forgotten, they have also received the awaited heists feature which can be downloaded via a 1.3GB update.

There are some things you will need to keep in check. The heist leader is required to be level 12 or higher with an apartment that has a planning board. Online heists will play-out similar to the way they did in the campaign. Money is also necessary, the leader should have enough money to fund the heist on his own.

Console players can enjoy the rewards after an intense action packed heist, however, fans of the game on PC are yet to get their hands on the game. The title was delayed on more than occasion but you can bet the PC version will be worth the wait.

Grand Theft Auto V will ship for PC on April 14. Hopefully, Rockstar won’t delay the game any further.

Have you downloaded the new update? Let us know if heists lived up to expectations.

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