GTA Online Heist Update Features a Breaking Bad Easter Egg

By   /   Mar 10, 2015

Breaking Bad is one of my favorite Tv shows of all time and I always wondered what would a GTA style Breaking Bad game would look like. Well, we aren’t getting a Breaking Bad game, but the latest heists update for GTA Online does allow us to dress up as a meth chef.

The update which rolled-out today in various regions features an easter egg from the popular TV show. Open your map from the options menu and look for a nearby cloths shop (doesn’t matter which one). Drive to it and head straight to the person behind the counter.

Browse through the new cloths available as part of the heists update and you’ll find a Breaking Bad inspired outfit. It isn’t cheap though, it will cost you $45,000 of your in-game money. Still, I think it’s worth every dollar we earned by killing each other over and over again in GTA Online.

GTA Online heist update clocks-in at 4.2GB on PlayStation 4 and 4.8GB on Xbox One. The next time you boot up your game, it will prompt you to download the latest content.

Before starting a heist mission, make sure your heist leader is level 12 or above. He must also have enough cash to bear all expenditure of the on going mission.

For more details about the update, follow the link.

Would you like to see a Breaking Bad video game? Share your opinions below.

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