Batman Arkham Knight Mature Rating Explained by ESRB

By   /   Mar 9, 2015

Since Batman was revived in video games through Arkham series, ESRB has given each installment a “Teen” rating. Meaning players under the age of 17 can play the title.

However, for the first time an Arkham game received a mature rating by ESRB, not allowing players under the age of 17 to play the game without parental consent. The news certainly came as a surprise to fans and also developer RockSteady.

According to ESRB, Batman Arkham Knight features Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence. They also released a summary to explain why the title is given an “M” rating.

Rating Summary: This is an action-adventure game in which players primarily assume the role of Batman as he battles several villains spreading chaos across Gotham City. Players traverse a variety of locations around Gotham while battling thugs, examining crime scenes, and occasionally rescuing hostages. Players engage in melee-style combat using punches, kicks, and gadgets (e.g., batarangs, explosives). Enemies cry out in pain when struck, and some takedowns are highlighted by brief slow-motion effects and loud impact sounds. Some sequences allow players to use tank-like vehicles with machine gun turrets and rockets to shoot enemies; a vehicle’s wheels are also used to torture an enemy in one sequence. Cutscenes depict characters getting shot (on and off camera) while restrained or unarmed. Large bloodstains/pools of blood appear in crime scenes and in the aftermath of violent acts; one room depicts a person torturing a character on a bloody operating table. During the course of the game, players can shoot unarmed characters and a hostage. Neon signs in a red-light district read “live nude girls” and “XXX.” The words “b*tch,” “gobsh*te,” and “a*s” appear in the dialogue.

During the development of the game, Warner Bros. knew some parts of the title will cause issues. Rocksteady on the other hand decided  not to change anything and convinced Warner Bros. over the issue. According to RockSteady, this is how they wanted to tell the story and making any changes would made a huge impact on the experience.

This does mean that many of us won’t be able to play the game, but RockSteady believes it wouldn’t have been right to lose those crucial parts of Arkham Knight.

Batman Arkham Knight hits the market with an “M” rating on June 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Do you think RockSteady made the right decision? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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