Prey Developer Announces New Mobile Title Lost Within

By   /   Mar 9, 2015

Human Head Studios, the developers of the 2006 game prey, are working on a new title called Lost Within.

The game is a survival horror first-person experience for smartphones and tablets. It’ll be initially launched on the Kindle Fire series of tablets, since its publisher is Amazon Game Studios, and will then receive an iPhone and iPad release.

Lost Within will be set in a haunted asylum, where you must confront a famous killer while avoiding the horrors that lurk around. The gameplay mechanics will primarily focus on stealth and scavenging.

There will also be crafting options for certain weapons, but your best bet will be to avoid the creatures that trod in the spooky asylum.

Human Head had a pretty dormant time in the last few years, especially after its promising successor to Prey was canceled by Bethesda. However, the team was involved in RTS game Minimum, which was released last year.

Lost Within has been given a release window of Spring or Summer 2015.

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