New Just Cause 3 Screenshots Show More of the Beautiful Sandbox Game

By   /   Mar 9, 2015

Developer Avalanche has released a new set of screenshots for the awaited Just Cause 3. Once again, the visuals look absolutely stunning and it’s hard to keep our excitement at bay, but there’s still a while before we get to play  the title.

Since the official announcement of the game, all we have seen are screenshots. They are great but fans aren’t going to be satisfied with them for long. We know gameplay footage is going to be revealed eventually, but when?

According to game director Roland Lesterlin, the team isn’t yet ready to reveal gameplay footage. They want to make sure that Just Cause 3’s gameplay debut will below people away.

Speaking in a panel during PAX East, Lesterlin said: “We wanted to do everything the right way. The first time you see it, we want you to say, ‘that’s awesome.’ We can’t wait for that.”

On the other hand, director Zach Schlappi revealed Michael Bay as his influence for Just Cause 3’s art style and summoned up the game in one word; “Michael Bay: The Game.”

We can sure of to see the gameplay reveal at or close to E3 2015. Hopefully, we’ll also get a release date along with it.

Are you looking forward to seeing gameplay from Just Cause 3? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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