New Bravely Second Gameplay Footage Shows Jobs, Characters and More

By   /   Mar 9, 2015

The upcoming Japanese role playing game, Brave Second, has received new gameplay footage. The hour long video shows new character theme songs, new job models and Asterisk holders.

As you can see, the game takes place in the same world as the previous installment of the series. Taking players on a journey epic proportion, the game will introduce a new character named Magnolia Arch as a protagonist. Magnolia Arch is the last of her kind, her homeland was attack by an evil entity.

On the other hand, Edea is making a comeback in Bravely Second and will be the leader of Imperial Guard knights. Those who pre-order the game will get exclusive costumes for Mongolia Arch, Edea Lee, Yu Zeneolsia and Tiz Arrior.

Just last month, Square Enix announced the full title as Bravely Second: End Layer. If we look back at the title of the first game, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, it gave us hints at some in-game events.

It is possible that clues about in-game events may also be hidden in the title of Bravely Second: End Layer. Also, when the game comes out for 3DS it will tell us more about the story Tiz.

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