Homeland Travels to Europe for Season 5, Details Inside

By   /   Mar 9, 2015

Homeland season 5 decides to fast-forward the lives of its characters for two and a half years in Europe. The show has rebooted its story for season 5 to a great extent.

According to Variety, Homeland showrunner Alex Gansa revealed a few bits of information about the upcoming season for Media’s PaleyFest at Hollywood’s Paley Center during a Q&A session. Claire Danes and some of the show’s executive producers accompanied Gansa.

Alex Gansa (Homeland’s writer) said, “We’re going to jump two-and-a-half years forward. We are going to be shooting the show in Europe — probably in Germany — and Carrie will no longer be an intelligence officer.”

It might not feel a big change with Carrie just changing her location and giving up on her career. What difference does it make?

Well actually, it changes the whole dogma of Homeland. What exactly is she going to do now that she has left everything behind, what made Carrie take such harsh measures?

During the interview, she also mentioned a scene from an earlier season, where Carrie almost drowns her baby girl to death. “That seemed like a pretty real challenge to an audience. I don’t know if there is a greater taboo than an unloving mother”, added the 35-year-old.

Homeland tends to discuss a major issue that goes by the name of ‘War on Terrorism’. Although, the depiction of Pakistan in the show was quite controversial but if you aren’t really a local, you can easily overlook the small details.

Will Saul find himself back in the Director chair? If Saul is reinstated, will he be Adal’s ragdoll? How far do Adal’s deals go? Will we see the Pakistan characters again?

Will Quinn survive his hasty operation? These questions are yet to be answered and we hope to find the answer in the upcoming Homeland season that premieres in September 2015.

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