Battlefield: Hardline Launch Trailer is a Go

By   /   Mar 9, 2015

With a week to go before release, Battlefield: Hardline has received a launch trailer today by Visceral Games.

The latest installment in the first-person shooting franchise takes a break from the military setup and instead pits cops versus robbers. In contrast to the previous Battlefield 4 release, Visceral has taken various steps to ensure the game sees to a stable release.

One of these steps was to delay the game further from its last year’s release date in order to look into balancing issues. On that note, the developer has also involved the community in many ways, taking its feedback and implementing solutions accordingly.

Earlier today, it was confirmed that Battlefield: Hardline will run at 900p on the PlayStation 4, and 720p on Xbox One. Both platforms will give constant 60 frames-per-second which is a necessity for any first-person shooter.

The PC version will end up looking the best at 1080p and beyond, though it will still require a powerful and sizable rig to do the job.

An interesting fact is that Battlefield 4 also ran at the same resolutions on the current-gen consoles. Back then it was mentioned that with time developers would learn to get more power out of the consoles. It probably is still too soon to see the true capabilities of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Battlefield: Hardline is due for release on March 17 worldwide.

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