Battlefield 4 Gets Two Nighttime Maps and a Yeti in CTE

By   /   Mar 9, 2015

EA has released a new nighttime variant of the GolMund Railway map on test servers. The news came from a new gameplay video, posted by a Youtube user. The uploader also mentions a similar variant for the popular Zavod 311 map.

Both of these maps are currently only available in the community test environment and shows impressive lighting courtesy of Frostbite.

Playing on these two maps at night isn’t the only interesting news for Battlefield 4 players. There is something really weird going on in the community test environment.

Players have previously reported that there is a Yeti roaming around just outside the boundaries of Goldmund Railway. To hear his cries, go to the edge of this map and look for a shiny object on the mountainside. Aim and shoot at the object and it will vanish.

However, you can hear the cry of a Yeti in the distance. Now, the same Yeti cries are again heard on the test servers as well, but this time they are consistent.

Maybe the ongoing war isn’t letting the big fellow sleep. To hear his cries, you have to be really patient and attentive.

Will this change make it to the final build of the map? We’ll have to wait and see.

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