PlayStation Network Deals With Hackers Every Day, Says Sony’s Yoshida

By   /   Mar 8, 2015

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks are pretty rampant nowadays. Recalling to the time of Christmas eve last year, online services of both Microsoft and Sony were crippled by hackers in a new wave of attacks. As a result, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network went down, leaving fuming players behind who had planned to enjoy the day with their friends online.

Speaking at GDC this year, Sony president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida said that these attacks happen more than people would think. In fact it’s a daily battle against such attackers, but sometimes the more powerful waves get through their systems.

“We are always always working against these attacks,” he says. “Actually, an attack happens every day. Literally every day. Some days are bigger and some days smaller.

Some days they devise new means, new ways – it’s like cat and mouse. We have a partner company we work with, and we always update the new ways the attacker might deploy, so it is a constant battle.”

Honestly speaking, there’s no concrete way to block DDOS attacks. However, Sony plans to greatly minimize the disruptions these attacks bring.

Earlier in the week, Microsoft head Phil Spencer said something similar on the issue. He said that Xbox and PlayStation are cooperating to find new ways of preventing these attacks. Spencer also stated that he doesn’t see the PlayStation Network being crippled by hackers as a good thing. It’s a threat that has to be taken care of by everyone.

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