Killer Instinct Getting Hisako This Month and a New Game Mode

By   /   Mar 8, 2015

Iron Galaxy Studios held a Killer Instinct panel at PAX East earlier today, where the developer revealed details about a new character and game mode for the second season.

The new character is Hisako, a 19-year-old girl who has a monstrous ability of entering her enemy’s body and breaking their bones. Also dubbed as “Ghost Girl,” she has high/low counters that can be performed with a new meter called “Wrath Meter”.

Her Instinct Mode causes her Wrath Meter to be constantly full, meaning unlimited access to counter moves for the duration of the Instinct.

According to Iron Galaxy Studios, Hisako will release for Killer Instinct at the end of the month.

Additionally, there’s a new asynchronous mode for the game called “Shadows.” It’s similar to the Drivatar system of Forza. Players can have a shadow of their character fight against other human players when they are not around. Iron Galaxy Studios called it as “living representation of you on your best day.”

The shadow character is going to be based on your skill and personality. Getting better in the game means your shadow’s skill is improving as well. It will also follow your habits and game style. More details of this feature will be shared in the coming weeks. You can expect it to launch in April.

Finally, we also got to know that Season 2 will feature a story mode with cinematics. It will be released in June once all of the characters for the second season have been released.

Killer Instinct is currently only on the Xbox One. However, there’s a slight possibility of it spanning out to PC. During the panel, a Microsoft representative stated that while “we don’t have any plans for it right now,” Killer Instinct could come to the PC one day.

Source NeoGAF

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