Zombie Army Trilogy Launch Trailer is Bloody, Has Hitler

Zombie Army Trilogy released worldwide couple of hours ago alongside a launch trailer that was released by Rebellion Oxford.

If you don’t know how the game looks like, it is going to be a good way to get an insight into it.

Complete with a coop multiplayer and a Horde mode to get things heated up, the game comes packing three campaigns as well as more than a dozen missions for you to go head bashing among zombies.

The Zombie Army Trilogy launch trailer sets the tone of the game by highlighting the fall of Europe after which hordes of zombie legions run amok. There are a total of eight survivors who will go up against the biggest monster in the game, Hitler himself.

Last but not the least, the trailer shows off the X-ray kill camera which is going to make a return to the series this time.

Its true that the video doesn’t have any gameplay in it, but what it does manage to convey is that the game is going to be bloody and brutal!

Zombie Army Trilogy has been developed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. The game has been released worldwide couple of hours ago i.e. March 6, 2015.