Sony Releases New Details About Bloodborne’s Locations

By   /   Mar 7, 2015

SCE Japan’s Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa has provided an insight into all of Bloodborne’s locations, giving players a fair idea of how inviting each area is.

Cathedral Street (Central Yharnam)
We’ve already seen much of this area through alpha footage being released in the past month. It features a three dimensional structure, which according to Yamagiwa was purposely designed to help players split up groups of enemies. He also said that players can utilize the terrain to take advantage of enemies, like a hunter lurking in darkness to escape notice.

Cemetery District
You’ll find an ample amount of corpses and undead scattered across the district. It’s a cemetery after all. Yamagiwa warned though, there’s an old “grave woman” lurking in the district and she will appear to players out of the darkness of the night in a sudden flash of horror.

Prohibited Forest
The church has forbidden anyone from entering this cursed forest. Anyone who does enter has a high chance of losing his way back because of the densely overgrown trees. Yamagiwa hinted that players can take navigational help from another hunter if they look close enough through an “unexpected encounter.” He also mentioned that the forest is home to a den of toxic snakes and a multi-headed snake boss.

Old Town
The oldest district of Yharnam was burned down by the church to help stop the spread of the beast plague. Yamagiwa wasn’t willing to reveal more information about this area. He said that it would spoil the experience. This leads us to believe that there’s something special hidden in Old Town which players will have to come across on their own.

Castle Cain Hurst
It’s a deserted castle located near Yharnam, where once a noble bloodline used to live. However, it’s a mystery as to what happened to it afterwards. Opposite to the castle lies a large tower blanketed in the night. It has all the signs saying there’s some deep secret locked away inside.

Bloodborne is due for release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 in over two weeks from now.

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