Nintendo UK Sending Wrong Zelda Faceplates to 3DS Owners

By   /   Mar 7, 2015

It’s time to make another entry into the list of ┬áblunders of our industry. Let’s start from the beginning. First, Capcom wrongly described Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Steam. Later, Sony deleted all the information they had regarding the contestants of Anniversary PlayStation 4 contest in Japan.

Now, just when I thought we won’t be seeing any more of these blunders, Nintendo UK has sent wrong Zelda faceplates to 3DS owners.

Here’s what happened, just recently Nintendo UK announced the gorgeous The Legend of Zelda faceplates for the New 3DS. Users were excited to get their hands on it and pre-orders dried-out soon after the announcement. There were two variants of this faceplate, one’s design was of Major’s Mask 3D and the other was of Triforce theme.

Somehow, while listing these faceplates on the online store, Nintendo UK ignored an error in the process. The online store mixed the series numbers of two variants, so buyers unintentionally ordered the wrong faceplate.

Numerous orders were mixed-up as a result and fans were furious. Many took to Reddit, twitter and other social platforms to share what happened. Nintendo on the other hand is offering a replacement and refunds to the affected.

It’s a widespread issue and will take a while for Nintendo to deal with. The company is yet to share an explanation on the matter but we’ll let you know if something comes-up.

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