Heroes of the Storm Gets a New Map, Hero and More

By   /   Mar 7, 2015

Blizzard has announced a new map for Heroes of the Storm. The map named Tomb of the Spider Queen, is described ¬†as a knife in the closet. According to Blizzard’s Dustin Browder: “It’s incredibly small, we call it a knife fight in a closet kind of map. It’s very contained, the lanes are very close together.”

The map will put you up against spiders, which can be killed for gems. If you manage to collect enough of them, a queen spider can be summoned.

In addition to a new map, players are also getting a new hero for the Nexus. Sylvanas, Queen of the Forsaken is a seigh character who can inflict high amounts of damage to her opponent. Her primary weapons is bow and arrow, and at level 10 players can choose between two of her core abilities.

One of her abilities is wailing arrow, while she can also possess minions and mercenaries. Speaking about her possessing ability, Browder said: “She can shut down minions, mercenaries and towers, if you leave her alone in one lane long enough, that lane will be gone before you know it.”

There is also a new patch in the works that will overhaul the game’s UI, and players will be able to mute their allies. Lastly, Blizzard announced a new Heroes of the Dorm esports tourney. This will give participants a chance to fund their college career.

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