Helldivers: 100 Million Enemies Killed So Far, Patch 1.03 Coming Soon

By   /   Mar 7, 2015

PlayStation exclusive, Helldivers, released earlier this week and according to Arrowhead, players have managed to take down 100 million enemies. I have always wondered how exactly developer come-up with these numbers. Can they tell how many bullets been fired? Probably.

Here’s the tweet from Scott Rohde which revealed the information:

Helldrivers is a really fun game to play but the title does have a lot of  issues. The controller drops connection suddenly during the game and players aren’t able to find their friends on other platforms. For example, if you are on  PlayStation 4, you won’t find your friends playing Helldivers on PlayStation 3.

Rest assured, Arrowhead is working towards finding a solution and is planning to release an update 1.03 as soon as they find a fix.

What we are doing about it: We are looking at improving the discovery for friends, especially cross-platform. This is unfortunately not an easy fix and will take a while for us to sort out. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.

Till then, Arrowhead has advised players to adjust your matchmaking filters as close as possible to what your friend is playing . This will increase the chance of them showing up in the search results.

Arrowhead recently released patch 1.02 which addressed a number of issues including save transfer between PS4 and PS3, players being kicked out of games, not being able to find newly unlocked weapons and more.

We’ll have to wait for patch 1.03 for more problems to be fixed. It’s really interesting how players managed to kill 100 million enemies while facing so many issues in the game.

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