I Am Bread Update Adds Zero G and Bagel Racing: Bossa Studios

By   /   Mar 7, 2015

By now you must have heard of I Am Bread, the somewhat non-serious looking game by Bossa Studios if not, it is a physics based game where you ultimate goal is to bake bread – yeah.

Any how, the idea is pretty interesting once you get to know what the game mechanics are. Talking of, a new update was made to the early access build of the game wherein the developers have introduced Zero G (zero gravity) to the game taking out the previous gravity based gameplay completely.

That is not all, they have also introduced Bagels to the game under a bagel racing mode.

Vince Farquharson, the chief operating officer at Bossa Studios took to the Steam Community page of the game with the announcement:

This week sees the release of 2 new modes which take this idea to the extreme. Zero G, which reinvents the entire game as space simulator with all the mindbending elements of trying to navigate an environment with no gravity, where up and down is relative, and you have only your thrusters to propel you around. And Bagel Race which gives you control of a fast rolling Bagel and sees you trying to complete races around the levels in the fastest possible time.

Don’t think, however, that the next update won’t bring something big. In fact, the developers have already discussed what they are going to focus on and it is the protagonists and some surprises.

The post in question states that the update will be “completing the journey of our doughy protagonists, polishing up everything we have done to date, adding in a few bells and whistles and saving some big surprises for the end.”

I Am Bread is being developed for PC and it is expected to hit full release sometime later this year.

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