Valve Experimented With Half Life Assets in SteamVR, Is A New Game Coming?

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

Is Half Life 3 coming? It’s a question that’s been asked for over a decade. Valve is yet to reveal anything about it, but fans never ruled out the possibility of a new Half Life game.

Valve recently revealed their SteamVR Headset, which is being showcased alongside a demo at GDC 2015. Those who had the chance to try out the new device had one similar question in mind. Is the next Half Life being developed for VR? It’s a fair question and strangely, Valve actually gave an answer.

Don’t get too excited, we aren’t getting a new Half Life game yet. But the fact of the matter is, Valve did test its VR headset with assets from Half Life. Although nothing is confirmed, but a VR Half Life isn’t ruled-out by Valve.

We’re not saying, ‘no, ‘but we don’t know what the right thing is. Our most precious resource is time, and we don’t have enough time for people to do everything. Would we like to make all of our franchises in VR? Absolutely. But we don’t have enough time or people. So we have to figure out what’s the best fit, what plays to the strengths of VR.

We know that every game isn’t suitable for VR and Valve also realizes this. They want to make sure the concept fits around VR before developing anything.

Valve programmer Jeep Barnett says:

Is Half-Life a good fit? Is Left 4 Dead a good fit? Is a new franchise a good fit? I don’t know yet. We’re really trying to cover the broad spectrum of what we could do, and then we’ll start focusing on spearheading that.

Knowing that there is a possibility of a new Half Life game and that too in VR? It’s hard to contain my excitement. Do you think Half Life is the right game for SteamVR? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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