Two New Characters Announced for Overwatch, Beta Begins This Fall

Blizzard has dropped details for two new Overwatch characters at PAX East today.

The first character is named McCree and he’s described as the “ultimate futuristic gunslinger.” He wields a peacekeep revolver that is capable of taking down targets at short range with relative ease. For those exceptionally skilled, McCree can also snipe enemies from afar.

The second character is named Zarya, a female tank character. She wields a particle cannon as her primary weapon, while her super-ability is the “Graviton Surge” which sucks enemies into a gravity well. Her story dictates that she originally wanted to be a weightlifting champion but later enlisted in battle to fight for the freedom of her world.

Zarya’s creation is a direct response to fans who over the years have given plenty of feedback to Blizzard for wanting more diversity in games. “We’re listening and we’re trying hard,” said the developer.

Alongside the two new characters for its upcoming new title, Blizzard also revealed a new map called Watchpoint: Gibraltar. The game’s open beta is pegged to begin this fall, which is something fans would be looking forward to.

If you’re attending PAX East this weekend, you’ll be able to play Overwatch on the show-floor, as well as try out the two newly announced characters.