The Expendables TV Series is Happening at Fox

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

Did you ever wish you had TV shows like action-filled movies? Something that has Sylvester Stallone’s charm and Jason Statham’s action packed fights? Well folks sit tight, as Fox has announced that they will feature The Expendables TV series.

Deadline reports the venture as a “fun action drama that unites iconic TV stars as a new team of highly-skilled heroes who are on a mission to stop dangerous terrorists.”

Sylvester Stallone will be the executive producer for the event series, which seems like a jump-start considering Stallone’s experience in the action genre. Kirk Ward and Greg Coolidge (Ride along) are currently writing the potential event series with Shane Brennan (executive producer NCIS: LA).

Although writing is in the loop but no reports about the cast has been made available to the fans. Names like Scott Bakula, Kiefer Southerland, David Hasselhoff, and Jennifer Garner immediately come to mind when we talk about fighting and beating the odds but I believe you all must have suggestions of you own.

Nothing else except the news about Expendables TV series hitting the developing stage with Fox has been released but we will keep you posted as we hear more.

Source: Deadline

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