Splatoon Enemies and Ink Discussed by Nintendo EAD

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

We know that Splatoon will be unleashed on Wii U in the coming month of May, however there is still a lot to be learned about the game.

So, the developers sat down with Famitsu and shared some new information. They talked about new enemies, what they do and who they are and they also discussed the infamous ink and its uses.

Now since the magazine is in Japanese I have had to rely on translations, however, here are some of the enemies that they talked about:

  • The giant box from the solo trailer is called ‘Giant Weapon’ in Japanese and is the strongest enemy introduced.
  • You can see it has little Octarian legs in the image. It will try to body slam/crush you.
  • Octolings, who have the same skills as Inklings
  • 2-Legged Octarians, which are stronger than single-legged Octarians.
  • ‘Divers’ with diving masks on, so they can dive into the ink.
  • ‘Octocopters’ (Takopter in JP), who have propellors on their heads to make them float and difficult to attack.
  • The rotund ‘Octoball’ enemies, with one eye, who move around spreading inking.
  • ‘Octopods’, little robot like enemies who will chase you down and explode ink all over you.

Some other details that were shared by the developers when talking about Splatoon with Famtisu were:

  • Octolings can also have roller-type weapons, not just guns.
  • You can use the pools of ink to perform super jumps while in squid form.
  • You can shoot at propellers to make the raft your on move.
  • You can shoot devices to create a ‘rope’ that you can travel up and down on in squid form to places you can’t
  • normally go to in human form.

Splatoon is being developed by Nintendo EAD as a Wii U exclusive, the game is going to be released in May 2015.

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