School Boy Got Banned for Dressing as ’50 Shades of Grey’

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

The world has come to such a crucial time that now the kids will dress up as Christian Grey (yes from The 50 Shades of Grey) as their favorite literary book character.

Eleven-Year-Old Liam Scholes decided to dress up as Christian Grey for World Book Day to his school in Manchester.

The trend of dressing up as Harry Potter, Queen Elsa, Gangster Granny or even Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear is understandable but Christian Grey seems like a bit too much especially for a 11 year old.

Where did this kid learn about the crazy BDSM character and what exactly did he want to convey through this act. Although the mother asserts that Liam has neither read the book nor watched the movie.

Nicola Scholes, Liam’s mother, told BBC Radio that, “He wore a grey suit, white and grey tie and he had an eye mask and two very small cable ties in his pocked as props” Via The Hollywood Reporter.

Liam was banned from attending the rest of the festivity as the school did not appreciate such portrayal and found it offensive. Scholes further added that his teacher instructed him to change into James Bond.

She was not supportive about this suggestion as she said, “James Bond is actually very promiscuous and kills people.”

It was alright for the school administration to let teachers dress up as serial killers and kids run around wielding guns but it was ‘offensive’ to wear a grey suit and tie. I am not being judgmental here but I am going to need to your thoughts about this incident. Comments section is waiting.

Source: Cinema Blend

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