New Bloodborne Screens and Multiplayer Details Shared by Sony

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

At the end of this month, PS4 will get its second biggest exclusive of 2015 in the form of Bloodborne. In addition to the main campaign, Bloodborne will feature both PvP and Co-Op modes.

According to an update on Sony’s website, co-op mode will remain identical to the ones we saw in the Alpha test.

Up to three players can participate including the host and two guest players. The host will start the game by using Lulling Bell, while the two guests are required to use Small Resonant Bell.

If the team managed to defeat the boss, co-op game will end and guests will be heading back to their game to receive rewards. Needless to say if the team failed to kill the boss, the game will end and no rewards will be distributed.

One new feature that came to light is the ability to set a password. If the host and guest players set the same password, it will help speed-up things while starting a co-op game with friends. However, the password feature won’t work in PvP games.

Speaking of PvP, once again, there can only be three players. The invading two players will be guests while the invaded is the host. Guests will have to defeat the host to be sent back to their world and receive rewards. Moreover, the game will end if a Parting Shot is used or the host goes into a boss territory.

During online play, massages can be left for another player to read. Also, whenever a player is killed they will leave behind a tombstone visible to other players online.

Interacting with a tombstone will show a replay of how the player was killed. When in a Chalice Dungeon, a player can see ghosts of others online, that will give them tips of how to proceed further. Chalice Dungeons are of two types, Normal and Generated. Both of these types are playable online and offline.

To play in a generated Chalice Dungeon, you’ll have to first download one. Furthermore, you would also have to be online in order to create your own Chalice Dungeons, but afterward that, you can play it offline.

From Software has announced a day-one patch that’ll improve online gameplay and will bring some overall stability. The size of this day-one patch is yet to be revealed.

Lastly, PlayStation Plus is a requirement to play and use Bloodborne’s online features.

Some newly released screenshots can be seen below.

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