Mevius Final Fantasy First Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Impressive Visuals and Combat System

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

Square Enix has released the first full-fledged gameplay trailer for its upcoming Final Fantasy title for iPhone and Android-based devices dubbed Mevius Final Fantasy.

The trailer is actually a complete version of 13 seconds of footage that we saw during Unity 5 highlight reel at the Game Developers Conference earlier this week.

The first thing which is too hard and too amazing to ignore is the game’s remarkable visual fidelity. With all honesty, Mevius Final Fantasy got to be one of the most beautiful titles on a smartphone.

Furthermore, the incredible visuals are greatly complemented by the game’s stunning sound art.

The minute-long trailer showed off range of customization choices (outfits, weapons, and more), a variety of environments, and the extensive battle system.

When we speak of combat mechanics, long-term Final Fantasy fans will definitely see a reminiscence of combat system of Final Fantasy XIII.

Currently, Mevius Final Fantasy is only slated to launch in Japan sometime during spring of 2015 and we are not sure whether it will ever see a Western launch or not – hopes are high, fingers crossed!

Check out the trailer above and share your impressions with us in the discussion box below.

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