Infinite Crisis Officially Lands on Steam on March 26

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

Infinite Crisis, the new MOBA based on characters from DC Comics, will officially release via Steam on March 26, Warner Bros. has announced.

The game has been in an extensive open beta for the last year where it has seen to millions of players take part. Developer Turbine has been working around the clock in listening to feedback from its user-base, tackling plenty of balances and tweaks during this time.

“We have designed, updated, and tuned almost every facet of the game based on player feedback and we are now ready to officially launch the game on 26th March,” said executive producer Jeffrey Steefel.

A major update is in the form of the game’s AI, which has been significantly improved. Coast City Bots for one will now perform additional behaviors such as Jungling. A new hero has been added to the roster named Tatsu Yamashiro, also known as Katana, and she comes armed with her sword, Soultaker.

Infinity Crisis will release as a free-to-play game with in-game transactions that will be purely cosmetics. For more information on the game, you can head to its official website where you can also sign yourself up.

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