Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain is Going to be the Next Expansion

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

The next expansion to Hearthstone is called Blackrock Mountain, Blizzard announced today at PAX East.

Similar to the previous Naxxramas expansion, the Blackrock Mountain update will feature a weekly series of adventures and is due for release in April. There will be a total of five wings, incorporating seventeen bosses and thirty-one brand new cards.

According to lead designer Eric Dodds, a new wing will be opened each week, bringing new heroic bosses, class challenges, and of course a variety of new cards as reward for completion. As a teaser, he also promised that the new expansion will bring more synergy with dragons, which have fallen out of favor in the meta in recent weeks.

As for pricing, Blizzard is going with the same model as before. Players will be able to unlock each wing using in-game currency or real-life cash. That’s either 700 gold for each wing, or $6.99.

Pre-orders for Blackrock Mountain will begin from March 19. Early buyers will be rewarded with an exclusive card back for their collection.

Finally, the developer also revealed the iPhone and Android edition of Hearthstone. The mobile version is expected to release in the upcoming months, but a concrete release date is yet under wraps.

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Source Battle.net

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