Guild Wars 2 Streaming Client Beta Will Release Soon: ArenaNet

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

Have you felt like Guild Wars 2 take up a lot of your time when downloading the game and any new patch? Or to put it simply, shouldn’t the developers do something to let you in to the game quicker?

Well, ArenaNet know that there is room for improvement and they are already working on it. Soon you will get a new update to the game which will be accompanied by their streaming client’s beta version.

This feature is going to help boost up the connectivity speeds and you will be able to make use of it if you are using the North American or European servers.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement post:

As part of our upcoming update for Guild Wars 2, we’re going to be releasing the beta version of our streaming client feature. Our goal with streaming content is to get new and veteran players alike playing the game faster by reducing the up-front download size when you first download the game or when a patch is released. This beta feature will only be available to players on North American and European servers; we will be extending the streaming client beta to China at a later date.

The post where they announced the beta version also has details on the areas that this streaming client beta is going to have an impact on. For instance the download caps and slower connections related issues.

Parallel to this news, ArenaNet have recently shown off the first person camera feature of Guild Wars 2 recently; you might also want to check that out. The patch that will bring the streaming client beta is also supposed to add first person camera to the game.

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