In Games We Inherently Side with Good, Not Evil – Well, Mostly

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

According to a recently completed study, gamers hardly choose to be completely evil when they have the choice between the light and the dark side.

This might surprise you because we often see others, and ourselves, choosing the evil path in a character’s feet; but if you look at the industry statistics it is true that more people choose to stick with the good, nice side as compared to being evil.

Amanda Lange of Microsoft had been working to figure out where the gaming community stands since 2013. That was when Peter Molyneux lamented in a speech that gamers tend to ignore one aspect of the games they play if it is evil.

Here’s an excerpt from Molyneux’s statement back then:

In a game like Fable, we spent hours; we spent months, months and years crafting the evil side of Fable, and only ten percent of people actually did the evil side. Come on. You’re supposed to be gamers.

So Lange held an extensive research where she has found that among those gamers who play a game once, nearly two thirds choose to be good, one fourth go in with no intention and only about 10 percent choose the evil side.

Apparently, this is because half of them “usually” tend to make the decisions in the game which they would make in real life, more than one fourth “always” do so, ten percent do it “sometimes” and just a one to two percent fraction chooses the alternative.

Among female gamers, as many as three fourths choose to be good instead of evil. However, it gets interesting when men play as a woman in games. In that case almost three fourths choose the evil path!

Oh wow, what are we?

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