Fable Legends Crossplay Ignores What Platform You Have

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

We hear game developers talk about seamless integration across platforms and boastings of experiences where you can blend in without constraints relating to your platform; but it looks like Fable Legends is going to be the real embodiment of such an experience.

Developers of the game are saying when the game releases to Xbox One and PC, it will not simply be crossplay supportive it will do it “seamlessly.”

Lionhead Studios engineering lead Raymond Arifianto was talking to fans at this year’s Game Developer Conference (GDC 2015) where he discussed how they didn’t believe in splitting the community along the lines of platforms.

Not just that, he insisted that the player pool generated by crossplay is exactly what makes Fable Legends the experience that it is:

People ask us why we don’t just do this the way it has always been done before. Why don’t we split the player pool up into Xbox and PC? What we have learned is that every time people play Fable Legends, either as a hero or a villain, it’s a different experience. A larger pool of players creates opportunities for a richer experience.

Arifianto said that they believed in creating a seamless experience so much that once you are in the game there will be no mention of your platform. It will not matter which device you are using no matter what. Or in other words, once you are inside the game “everyone is just a Fable Legends player.”

So far, we don’t know the specific release date but the game is expected to come out on Xbox One and PC this year.

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