Europa Universalis IV Celebrates the International Women’s Day with Women’s History DLC

In order to celebrate the International Women’s Day and to pay homage to notable women throughout the history, Paradox Interactive is rolling out a free DLC for its historical strategy video game Europa Universalis IV.

Small gestures like these are not very common in today’s video games, though; we did witness campaigns supporting same-sex marriages in titles like Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

The Women’s History DLC will add a hundred notable women from the history. Players will be able to unlock these heroines from multiple event triggers such as a “weak regency, a colonial empire, certain ideas, etc.”

Once unlocked, these women will undertake the tasks of being an advisor and even assume the roles of leaders.

Speaking of the free update, the Head of Paradox Interactive, Thomas Johansson stated that the free update does something important for the company’s flagship title:

It’s no surprise that the role of women in history isn’t as well-known as that of men. Europa Universalis, admittedly, hasn’t done a lot to foreground their contributions. We thought that International Women’s Day was the best time to do a little bit to help balance the scales and introduce our audience to some very interesting people.

Following is a quick rundown of all features of the said DLC:

  • One Hundred new events for important women in history such as Queen Elizabeth I, Caterina Sforza and Sophie Germain
  • Female advisors can appear at your court in place of their male counterparts
  • Female portraits for all 22 advisor types in the game

The Women’s History DLC is free for all Europa Universalis IV players and will begin rolling out on Mar. 8, 2015 – the International Women’s Day. For complete patch notes, check this link.

Do you believe small gestures as these not only add a new dimension to the game, but also create a sense of goodwill for the company? Let us know in the discussion box below.