Driveclub Expansion for March is “Special,” Expect Tour, Fixes Also

By   /   Mar 6, 2015

Well, there is no denying in the fact that the launch of Driveclub was one of the most frivolous considering the hype that was created for it by Evolution Studios and Sony alike.

However, Sony Computer Entertainment as well as the developers have relayed a fair share of apologies for the fiasco and also worked night and day to sort things out.

Now, things are looking up and it seems that the racing title is en route its due course.

That was previously evidenced by the first expansion pack which suggests that the developers now have time to look at the future of the game, and it was now reiterated by a new tease regarding the upcoming expansion.

Paul Rustchynsky, the game directorr for Driveclub at Evolution Studios, took to his official Twitter profile with a little tease related too the March expansion for the game.

Plus the awesome thing is another expansion and tour are never far away! And this months expansion is particularly special.

Now there are many things in this sentence; first, they are bent upon releasing the next expansion in March, second, it will have new tours, and lastly, it is going to be something “special” although we have no clue what that means at this stage.

Not just that, Rustchynsky also revealed that soon you will be able to pick opponents with their factory color instead of liveries. Last but not the least, the leaderboard timing bugs are going to be fixed soon.

He was asked if those weird timings that Driveclub leaderboards show were even possible and his reply was:

It isn’t. We’re aware of it, its a bug our side & we will be addressing it plus clearing up the leaderboards of any bad entries.

So, what exactly could be “special” about the upcoming expansion?

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