Valve’s Vive Eliminates Motion Sickness and Eye Strain, Says Gabe Newell

By   /   Mar 5, 2015

Valve is said to have created a new technology that effectively eliminates the problem of motion sickness for virtual reality.

In an interview with the New York Times, co-founder and managing director Valve Gabe Newell described some VR technologies as the “world’s best motion sickness inducers.”

While virtual reality does sound like a fascinating experience, the real-life simulation rarely feels normal for users after long durations. It’s an issue that has plagued every virtual reality project.

Valve however, has broken through that obstacle. According to Newell, “zero percent of people get motion sickness” when trying out Valve’s new system. Additionally, the company’s device is also easy on the eyes and players have also not complained about eye strain.

Vive was announced over the weekend by smartphone manufacturer HTC, who is working in collaboration with Valve to make the company’s VR device. It features a 1,200 by 1,800 pixel screen in front of each eye with refresh rates of 90 frames per second. A developer kit will arrive this year, but the consumer version is being targeted for a mid 2016 release.

Alongside Vive, Valve also announced its new Source 2 engine and a streaming service called Steam Link. It will allow users to broadcast their games from Steam Machines, PC, Mac, and Linux PC within a network. It will support 1080p gaming at 60Hz. Steam Link will be available this November for $49.99.

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