So How Will Valve Make Money From Source 2? Steam Release is Mandatory

By   /   Mar 5, 2015

GDC 2015 was huge for content developers, three of the biggest engines in the market went free. One of those was the second generation Source Engine. A hefty upgrade from the original, Source 2 was announced as free for all.

When a creator says “free” we all know it’s not entirely free, there’s always a catch. For example, in the case of Unreal Real 4, developers will have to pay royalties on the content they release in the market. On the other hand Unity 5 in monetized by a subscription fee or one-time payment.

So when Valve announced Source 2 as “free,” everyone was waiting for them to reveal their detailed policy behind it. Interestingly, you’ll be surprised to know that Valve’s Source 2 is actually free, like really free. There are no hidden charges but there is a requirement though.

Games built in Source 2 must release on Steam. That doesn’t mean developers can’t release the product on other distribution channels, but a Steam release is a must. It’s a really smart move by Valve, they are charging the developers, without charging them at all.

Confused? Let me explain, Valve takes a cut from every game sold on Steam from developers. That means even though the engine is free, the requirement of the product being on Steam will secure a slice of the profit for Valve.

Which isn’t a bad thing as with it, developers get all the perks that come along including DRM, Early Access, Steam Workshop Support and much more.

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