Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain Expansion Hints Given by Blizzard

By   /   Mar 5, 2015

In the recent days, Blizzard has made it almost certain that Hearthstone is going to get an expansion based in the Blackrock Mountain from World of Warcraft.

For instance, they kept teasing the region on the official Facebook page of the game with an image. As you can see above, the image features Hogger in Redridge Mountain a region in close vicinity of the Blackrock Mountain.

Without officially stating so, they have also revealed a number of cards on their website that are directly related to characters from WoW – specifically from the Blackrock Mountain region.

The characters we know of so far include Leeroy Jenkins, Twilight Drake, Dark Iron Dwarf, Core Hound , and Magma Rager; all of whom were seen on the Hearthstone website alongside an Earth Elemental.

Interestingly, that was not the first time that Blizzard hinted at the connection between the two games.

Previously, a patch was released which had something about card backs featuring Molten Core, the home of Ragnaros the Firelord which by the way is also under the Blackrock Mountain. It also mentioned Ragnaros the Firelord based card backs.

If you are a fan of the game you would remember that Blizzard had followed a similar path before releasing Goblins vs. Gnomes – so I am going to have faith in this one.

That being said, PAX East will bring us a panel from Blizzard on Friday where they are scheduled to talk about upcoming content for the game. I guess that is all the time we will have to wait for.

Will you be glad to see a region from World of Warcraft to be featured in Hearthstone? It would be a good twist, wouldn’t it?

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