Elite: Dangerous Xbox One Exclusivity Was a Difficult Decision to Make, Frontier Developments

By   /   Mar 5, 2015

Update: Frontier Community Manager Edward Lewis has confirmed that the game is only a timed-exclusive on Xbox One – thanks Nettrick Nowan for the tip:

Console debut in 2015 on Xbox One. We will be able to bring it to other platforms later and we’ll talk about that when we have something to announce

Original Story: This year’s GDC came out to be fruitful for Xbox fans; one of the biggest highlights of the event was Phil Spencer announcing that Frontier Developments’ Elite: Dangerous will be released on Xbox One as a console exclusive later this year.

Talking about the deal with Microsoft, Frontier Developments Chairman and Founder David Braben stated that the Xbox One port of the game would be “the complete and authentic Elite: Dangerous experience.”

In a follow-up interview with GameSpot, Braben said that it was not easy to restrict the game to a single platform and the studio’s long-term partnership with Microsoft drove the decision among other factors:

I think there were lots of factors – it was a hard decision. They’re both great platforms. We’ve had a long relationship with Microsoft.

Continuing he stated that they have had some experience with Xbox One as they also developed one of the launch titles for the console:

The Xbox audience has been very good to us. We’ve sold quite a few Xbox games with Microsoft. We also had a launch title for Xbox One, so our tools and technology has been battle-hardened on Xbox One already.

Lastly, he said that Xbox One is slowly improving its sales, especially after the recent price cut which is why he believes it’s a good time for this decision:

We have a lot of experienced people at the studio who know Xbox One intimately, so it actually is a very logical choice for us. Also, Xbox One sales have been doing very well since the price went down, so it’s an exciting time. But it was a difficult decision.

Are you looking forward to Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One?

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