Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Bandai Namco Shares an Update on Server Issues

By   /   Mar 5, 2015

If you are a player of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, you’ll know that the game has been experiencing server side issues. The servers are reported to be down, so players are unable to use online features of the game.

While Bandai Namco is still working hard to fix things, they have released a statement for Dragon Ball Xenoverse players.

We are working tirelessly to address the server issues so that everyone can have a smooth experience both on and offline and last night we deployed many updates and changes already during the maintenance period. We will continue to provide updates on the official Steam forums and the official Dragon Ball Games Facebook page to keep you updated.

If you are still having issues connecting with the servers, playing the game completely offline is an option too. Simply, disable your internet connection before you start Dragon Ball Xenoverse, this will boot the game in offline mode.

This isn’t a permanent fix but developers are working hard to offer widespread server stability. Server issues aren’t surprising as games these days rely a bit too much on their online connectivity. It’s nice from a progressive point of view but it will be a while before we see fully stable online games.

Bandai Namco will share more updates regarding Dragon Ball Xenoverse soon. We’ll let you know of any development on the story, till then feel free to share your opinions with us in the comments.

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