Destiny Has a New Infinite Heavy Ammo Glitch, Works Everywhere

By   /   Mar 5, 2015

Gaming ethics aside, it is sigh of relief for some when they see the words infinite ammo any where.

people playing Destiny are no different and those of you who don’t like to wait endlessly for the heavy ammo drops, you might also drift towards the Guardians who are using this new infinite heavy ammo glitch.

A Reddit user seems to have found it and it is going public like wildfire. Of course that is until Bungie ceases the glitch and patches it up for good.

I would seriously appreciate that they increase the frequency at which we get the heavy ammo while they are at it.

Coming back to the glitch, unlike the previous ones, this little bugger doesn’t have limitations; the ammo is infinite and it works anywhere – not just a given strike or raid.

However, it is also not a walk in the park, you need access to Eidolons Ally, you need Icebreaker and so on. Even after you have all the required items, you will have to follow some lengthy instructions before getting your hand on it.

While making use of glitches is against what we all pray for, this one surely makes use of an interesting flaw – or whatever you might call it. What it does is that it makes use of the ammo drops feature which triggers when you are out of any functioning weaponry.

It takes away your primary weapon making the game focuse on the secondary which will be Icebreaker (a weapon that regenerates ammo itself, so the game passes on to the last slot, the heavy ammo one. This one doesn’t have any ammo so the game starts dropping some.

You might read up on everything that the Reddit user has unearthed about the infinite heavy ammo glitch in Destiny here.

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