World of Warcraft Player Finally Reaches Level 100 With Neutral Pandaren Character

By   /   Mar 4, 2015

A World of Warcraft players has successfully managed to level up his Pandaren character to the 100 cap, without choosing a faction.

The Pandaren race was introduced with the game’s Mists of Pandaria expansion pack. Players begin in the starting area, the Wandering Isle, and at the end of it choose to side with either the Alliance or Horde.

Choosing a faction is necessary to get off the traveling turtle’s back, but one player thought it better to keep himself neutral.

Neutral Agent just stuck to the starting area and did two tasks to level up his character – picking herbs and doing pet battles. As you can imagine, the process was extremely lengthy and tedious.

Picking herbs is self-explanatory, but doing the pet battles was a bit tricky. You have to do the quests on another character, log out without turning in the quest, and then log back in with the neutral character with the incomplete quest sitting in your quest log.

The journey for this neutral panda began in November and reached Level 98 a month ago, and finally 99 two weeks ago. Today, he’s the only Panda in the game that has no allegiance to either side. A pretty massive achievement, but one that leaves him without the ability to pursue end-game content.

Source Kotaku

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