Update 6 Released For The Elder Scrolls Online, Details Inside

By   /   Mar 4, 2015

Update 6 is live for The Elder Scrolls Online, and brings new features and plenty of bug fixes to the table.

The major highlight is the addition of two new systems: The Justice System and The Champion System. With the former, players can now become wanted criminals in Tamriel’s cities by sneaking, stealing and murdering their way forward. If your crime is witnessed by guards, then they’ll proceed to punish you accordingly.

The Champion System provides players with Veteran characters a new way to gain power. Upon reaching Veteran Rank on your account with a character, you’ll start earning Champion Points.

These can be then invested in a variety of new passive abilities found in nine different constellations that are arranged into three groups: the Warrior, the Mage, and the Thief.

Note that Champion Points are account wide. When one Veteran Rank character on an account earns a Champion Point, every character on the account will receive a point to use, regardless of level.

ZeniMax Online Studios has also overhauled provisioning with the new update. There are new recipes to be researched, more inventory space to take advantage of, and a better system (Collection Window) to keep track of your item wares.

There are also various balances and gameplay changes to classes, with plenty of bugs being ironed out. You can browse through the lengthy patch notes by following the link.

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