There are Thousands of Probes in No Man’s Sky: Hello Games

By   /   Mar 4, 2015

It had been a while since Hello Games discussed their upcoming exploration based title No Man’s Sky so may be that’s why they decided to break the silence and talk about the one thing that this game can boast of above everything else: the size.

We know that the world of No Man’s Sky is so huge and fits so many planets that it would be hard for anyone to completely explore it.

While you read all this about the game, doesn’t it cross your mind that if the game’s world is so big, how do the developers make sure everything is in place? If they can explore it completely and with such detail then why do they say that the players can’t?

Well, that is because even they can’t!

The art team of the game consists of four members, so it was virtually impossible for them to personally visit and survey all the areas of the game – and ensure that everything works well at the same time.

As a result, Hello Games developed probes to fly into the 18 quintillion worlds of the game and keep exploring for an indefinite time. The probe not only explores, it also documents the world and makes short videos for reference purposes.

In words of art director Grant Duncan, the game is governed by thousands of mindless idiots; which are actually computer algorithms.

The game is completely procedurally generated, which means at some point the developers had to let go off the control over the game. However, they did their best to retain it; they coded everything and put it out there, then they entered the probes to keep a check on them – just in case something caught their eye that needs tweaking.

No Man’s Sky is coming to PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows sometime later in 2015.

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