New Observer Mode Announced for Evolve

By   /   Mar 4, 2015

An upcoming free update for the asymmetrical cooperative shooter Evolve will include a new Observer Mode, Turtle Rock Studios has revealed.

The mode will allow for a sixth user to “passively enter a custom game” and spectate a match. The user will be given controls to switch freely between the hunters and monster, and also toggle between their point of views, and from a third-person perspective.

The purpose of adding the new Observer Mode is to help out shoutcasters provide running commentary for their streams and videos. Either that or for someone who is just in the mood of watching others play.

Players can create custom matches and then add an Observer to the game, using the Hunter/Monster selection screen.”Not only can you watch the game as the sixth player, but you can also use Observer mode to livestream these matches with added commentary,” said the developer on its official website.

Observers can also choose to scale the HUD to various levels. Most shoutcasters tend to either remove the HUD completely or scale it down to minimal levels in order to rake in as much ongoing action as possible. Turtle Rock Studios has provided all the tools necessary to see the competitive scene of Evolve thrive.

A release date for the update has not been mentioned, but the developer will be showing the mode off at this year’s PAX East.

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