Gone Home Console Versions Are Not Coming: Fullbright

By   /   Mar 4, 2015

Exactly a year ago we were reporting to you about the possibility of console versions of Gone Home, in fact we were sharing news that they were coming and developers were only deciding which ones to pick and which ones to drop.

One year later, we ave found out that the console versions of Gone Home are never going ot see the light of day.

People who have played it would know what many of us would be missing out on, the first person interactive story adventure was received with highly positive remarks from all over the community and I am sure it would have been a good addition to the current list of console games.

That being said, the decision comes as an aftershock of Midnight City’s closure which was actually publishing the game for consoles.

Steve Gaynor whoo is the co-founder of Fullbright the development studio behind the game has confirmed the news saying “our publishing deal with Majesco has ended, and the console version is not in active development.”

All that is pretty sad, but it also means that Fullbright is now going to divert all their energies towards making Tacoma. Luckily, this new title also feels similar to Gone Home; it just has a mix of Minerva’s Den, the BioShock 2 DLC that Fullbright developed.

Tacoma was announced back in December 2014 when the developers also confirmed that the game will be released in 2016, so that is how much you will have to wait before getting to play something similar and from the same guys who made Gone Home.

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