Free PlayStation 4 Theme for Far Cry 4, Hohokum Released in EU

By   /   Mar 4, 2015

Back in January, Sony had released as many as 14 different PlayStation 4 Themes with the likes of Mercury Rising Skull Theme, Fighter Fish Dynamic Theme, Assassin Girl Theme and so on.

Now, they have released two new ones that are themed for specific games.

The first one is a Far Cry 4 dynamic theme released separately for the European Union Playtation Network. You would remember the Far Cry 4 theme which was released less than a fortnight ago in North America, this is the same, just that it is not going to cost you anything.

Yes, the Far Cry 4 theme is free as opposed to the $2.99 price tag you see in the United States!

The other theme in question is for Hohokum, while the Far Cry 4 theme is dynamic and still free, this one is dynamic but it is paid.

The price of the Hohokum theme is £1.69.

Looks like this one was also released in the North American region earlier, but for some reason Sony has decided that only one of the PlayStation 4 themes are going to be given away free of cost.

Since both the themes are specific to the European region, PlayStation 4 users elsewhere must not be feeling too good about this. Well, fret not, if you have a PlayStation Network account and you are not in Europe, you will still be able to get your hands on the free Far Cry 4 theme.

In parallel news, Sony has revealed the games that are going to be available on PlayStation Plus for free; you can get Sherlock Holmes, OlliOlli 2 and more this month.

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