Dragon Age Inquisition Patch 5 and Black Emporium are Separate

By   /   Mar 4, 2015

The Dragon Age Inquisition patch 5 was released by Bioware recently and only a couple of hours ago we shared the detailed patch notes that the developers had revealed.

It changes a lot of things in the game; improves on some and fixes a lot more.

However, fans of Dragon Age Inquisition were expecting that the patch 5 will also bring forth The Black Emporium; but the developers have clarified that that is not the case.

Fans inquired Mike Laidlaw, the Creative Director for Dragon Age at Bioware that they were expecting The Black Emporium when he said “Black Emporium is separate from Patch 5. We beta tested them together, however as BE depends on added Patch 5 functionality.”

This was later reiterated from the official Twitter profile of Bioware as well where it was further added that the beta test had brought in feedback which they were currently working on.

It appears, that the secret shop of Kirkwall still needs some polishing.

So far, the developers have not shared any other details which is why we are unable to tell you when exactly will you be able to make use of The Black Emporium.

The underground shop has been a part of Dragon Age 2 as well and it was received by the players with open arms. I can understand why they were not happy to find out that the latest patch doesn’t have it.

While you wait for it, how about checking out the work they have done with the Dragon Age Inquisition Patch 5?

It appears that armor tinting has been included, they have also “implemented auto-attack with mouse and keyboard controls” for PC users, fixed some old bugs, and added party storage to Skyhold.

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