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Skyrim Mods on Steam Workshop: 100MB Limit Removed by Bethesda

Skyrim Dragonborn
Remember how Bethesda keeps tabs on how big your Skyrim Mods are? There is a 100MB upper limit to the size, but that is all changing now.

The official blog of the developer has good new for you.

Get ready for bigger mods on Steam’s Skyrim Workshop. This week we’ve pulled the restraining bolt that restricted mod sizes to 100 mb – allowing you to upload mod projects to the file size your project demands!

Before we go live with this feature for everyone, we’re beta testing things this week – both for Skyrim’s PC launcher and the Creation Kit, too.

This has come to effect due to the the Creation Kit 1.9.33 Update after which the 100MB limitation has been lifted. Other than this it has also updated the maximum size of preview images to be 1MB.

Moving on, your mod downloads will no be managed by the Skyrim launcher any more rather it will be the Steam Client that downloads. The launcher will update afterwards.

As far as the beta is concerned, Bethesda have also explained how you can become a part of the testing.

You will first have to log in to your Steam, and fetch Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from your game library.. Then right click on the game and go to properties. Now fetch the Betas tab and choose “beta – Skyrim Beta” from the drop down menu.

After that, you will have to go to Tools in the library and go to the properties of the Creation Kit. Just like the last time, you have to goo to thedrop down menu from Betas and choose “beta – Creation Kit Beta.”

Once you are done with this, Steam will restart and the update will be made.