Nintendo 3DS Web Browser Exploit Fixed by Update 9.5.0-23

By   /   Mar 3, 2015

Back in the last week of February we reported on a Nintendo 3DS web browser exploit that was letting the users do a lot of things that Nintendo had put restrictions on – alongside some serious hacks.

This has gone on for over a week now, but not any more.

A new system update to the handheld, titled update 9.5.0-23, was released by Nintendo recently which has apparently taken care of the exploit for good.

The said update was released only a couple of hours ago and as it is the case with most of the changelogs shared by the developers, it didn’t give away much about the areas that had been worked on.

A single lined chagelog shared by Nintendo revealed that “further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.” However, the exploit has come under the broom this time.

Among the many things that this Nintendo 3DS exploit allowed, it rendered the handheld region free which meant that game cartridges for any region could be used on any handheld. It also allowed emulated Game Boy Color ROMS to be run on the device and was being used on many of the newer game releases too.

Talking of newer game releases, the biggest exploit was that users were able to cheat the shop in Pokemon Shuffle. As a result they were able to buy any item free of cost as many times as they wanted.

It is that last part which must have really bothered Nintendo that led to the fix.

If you were using the New Nintendo 3DS, you were clear of the exploit (and the fix) to start with, it was just the older version of the handheld that supported the web browser based exploit.

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