Leonardo DiCaprio Plays 24 Personalities in The Crowded Room

By   /   Mar 3, 2015

From Catch Me If You Can to Titanic and from Inception to The Wolf Of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio has always caught the eye. Especially in the recent years he has been working on a set of different movies that say a lot about his capabilities.

The latest we have in that regard is The Crowded Room, which has been in and out of the news for a decade now. Finally Leo has been cast and they are going to work with Regency on it.

That being said, in the movie he will be playing the role of Billy Milligan, a man who got fame after a court case in the 1970’s. Milligan is known to be the only man who has ever used a case of multiple personalities disorder in his defense in a court and won!

So yeah, you must be seeing how Leonardo DiCaprio is getting even better at playing a real life person.

The most interesting part in all this is that DiCaprio is going to actually bring out 24 different personalities while acting as Billy Milligan.

Here’s an excerpt from The Minds of Billy Milligan, a book written by Daniel Keyes on the man himself.

Out of control of his own actions, Billy Milligan was a man tormented by twenty-four distinct personalities battling for supremacy over his body — a battle that culminated when he awoke in jail, arrested for the kidnap and rape of three women. In a landmark trial, Billy was acquitted of his crimes by reason of insanity caused by multiple personality — the first such decision in history — bringing to public light the most remarkable and harrowing case of multiple personality ever recorded.

If that book is to be followed, Leonardo DiCaprio will act as a petty criminal, a drug dealer, a shy lesbian, a psychopath killer, an Englishman, an eight year old, a con man, an escape artist and a teacher among many others!

Wow, it surely is The Crowded Room!

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