EA Talks Single-Player for Battlefield: Hardline

By   /   Mar 3, 2015

EA has posted a comprehensive run down to what players can expect from the single-player campaign of Battlefield: Hardline.

Creative Director Ian Milham stated that with the new Battlefield game, the team wanted the single-player campaign to be more dynamic and open. Rather than being on rails like previous games, players can now expect more tactical options to complete their objectives.

The AI is well done this time to consider situations where players are utilizing stealth. Additionally the AI will also react differently to other situations, such as where players opt to interrogate someone, go in guns blazing, send out decoys and etc.

Milham said that Visceral Games worked for years on the AI alone, trying to make it react to all sorts of different tactical scenarios that players might/will use.

Battlefield games are not known for its single-player campaigns. Compared to its rival, Call of Duty, Battlefield has yet to offer a more meaningful experience. Visceral believes that will be seen with Hardline, which offers choices. Players will “feel” during their progress of how their choices mattered.

You can head over to EA.com to read through the rest of the post, which also tells about its script and how the team worked on weapons with official law enforcement.

Battlefield: Hardline is due for release on March 17 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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