CCP Announces Changes to EVE Online’s Nullsec Space

By   /   Mar 3, 2015

There are some major changes coming forth to the Nullsec space in EVE Online, CCP Games has announced.

Posting on the game’s community site, the developer went into detail about what it plans to turn around. Much time has been spent on going over this update, time that the developer said was necessary taking into context the complexity and competitive nature of the area.

“We have been discussing these designs in detail with the Council of Stellar Management for a little over a month now,” wrote CCP Fozzie, “and we are releasing these dev blogs early so that we can get the crucial public feedback process started as soon as possible.

In accordance to the current plan, “Phase Two of the Nullsec and Sovereignty revamp” should arrive by June this year. The date however is subject to change.

The Nullsec Sovereignty changes carry huge importance for CCP Games and is a major part of what it plans to bring in 2015. Further details will be shared at the annual FanFest gathering in Iceland, between players and developers, which will take place between March 19 – 21.

Phase One of the revamp went live in November last year, where the space area was enlarged, making it harder for people to reach fights happening afar.

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